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Sorry 'Stranger Things' fans, electricity isn't monster-powered

A government blog post from the real Energy Department claims the Netflix show is no documentary. Sure, that's what they WANT you to think.

Eleven on "Stranger Things."


How awesome must it be to watch a show and see your own workplace thrown into the middle of a spooky plotline? I know I looked at my college grocery-store job a little differently once I read Stephen King's "The Mist." (I ran a little faster through the creepy storage room where we had to punch in -- is that a tentacle poking out from under the dog food?)

Multiply that times a thousand for Paul Lester, digital content specialist for the US Energy Department, who just binge-watched Netflix's "Stranger Things."

"While I really enjoyed 'Stranger Things' as a mashup of 'Goonies' and 'X-Files' with some amazing '80s music mixed in, the show's portrayal of the Energy Department was a little less than accurate," Lester writes in a blog post Friday.

In the show, the Department of Energy is credited with running Hawkins National Laboratory, a creepy facility in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana. Don't go stumbling around the Midwestern woods looking for it, Lester says. It ain't there.

He also goes on to note that the department doesn't explore parallel universes or mess with monsters. Well, what are our tax dollars going for, then?

Give Lester's fun post a read, but only after you've followed his lead and watched the whole show, because it's packed with spoilers. And really, you can say that Christmas lights aren't powered by monsters all you want, but wouldn't it be more fun if they were?

(Via Business Insider)