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Ready your slingshots, the first 'Angry Birds' movie trailer is here

The blue, red, black and yellow birds from the immensely popular Angry Birds franchise are coming to the big screen in "The Angry Birds Movie," and you can watch the first trailer for the 2016 film now.

Ready to pop some pigs?

Sony Pictures released the first trailer for the upcoming "The Angry Birds Movie" on Wednesday, giving us a better sense of what the film has in store. In the clip, we see Red being flirted with by a trio of female birds before the true object of their affection -- a much more attractive male bird -- jumps out of a tree, lands on Red's head and begins courting the ladies.

Okay, so the movie is probably going to be pretty dumb, but the trailer for "The Angry Birds Movie" has some funny moments, especially the bit where Red completely loses his mind at an obnoxious squeaking sign for the avian equivalent of an anger management class.

You can see the rest of the gags and goofs by watching the trailer above.

Whether or not "The Angry Birds Movie" will become a saving grace for Rovio, which cut about 40 percent of its work force in August amid financial troubles, remains to be seen. The film has a decent cast including Jason Sudeikis as Red, Josh Gad as Chuck (yellow) and Peter Dinklage as the Mighty Eagle, as well as recognizable characters that could help it do well at the box office.

"The Angry Birds Movie" is set for release in the UK on May 13, 2016, followed by the US on May 20 and Australia on June 9.