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Ready to start bidding for public parking spots?

Stop circling and start bidding for a spot to park with the help of recently launched app Parking Auction.

Parking Auction

You've circled the block 10 times and there's nary a parking spot in sight. You could keep hoping someone leaves or you could bid for a parking spot that's about to open up.

Parking Auction lets you buy or sell info about public parking spots. You're not buying or selling the spot itself, it being public and all, just vacancy information, according to its developers. Unlike Streetline, Parking Auction is not linked to a sensor network.

The service launched recently in beta testing for New York's Upper West Side. Citing a study by Transportation Alternatives, the developers say people drove 366,000 miles in the area over a one-year period looking for somewhere to park. Manhattan, of course, has the most expensive parking spots in the U.S.

During the beta phase, users buy and sell spots with Parking Auction credits instead of real money. If it gets off the ground, co-founder Brian Rosetti has said spots could go for $5 or $6. Payment would happen through the app or PayPal.

Parking Auction users are supposed to yield a vacant parking spot if a third party happens to drive by and wants to park before the deal is done.

I can imagine that some drivers wouldn't like the idea of others buying and selling public spots. Hopefully it won't lead to parking rage.

(Via Wired)