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Ready, set: A new batch of SNES units hits stores today

If you want an SNES Classic, call your local GameStop or ThinkGeek store to see if they received a shipment.

Scott Stein/CNET

Ready, player one? The SNES Classic you've been waiting for might be waiting for you right now.

Game retailers GameStop and ThinkGeek each got new shipments of the Nintendo SNES Classic Edition consoles Tuesday. ThinkGeek will have standalone units in stores Tuesday and available online starting Wednesday. GameStop has standalone units Tuesday, and additional bundles available starting Wednesday.

GameStop recommends that interested customers should call their local retailers to see if the shipment has arrived, and announced that all stores will receive their full allotment of the high-demand Nintendo product by Thursday.

Check out our full review to see if the SNES Classic is something you might want. If so, the next couple of days might be your best chance to snag one.