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Ready or not, the iPhone 6 clones are here

The next iPhone is likely still a couple months off, but that hasn't stopped the attack of the clones from starting early.

Prepare yourself for the onslaught of iPhone clones, a little early.

The Internet has a talent for leaks, but the tech world also has an impressive capacity for imitation, so it should be no surprise that all those iPhone leaks have already been transformed into a functional iPhone 6 clone.

French site NoWhereElse got hold of some photos of what looks to be a mocked-up iPhone 6 based on the build seen in all those leaked dummy units running iOS or an operating system skinned up to look like iOS. There's no video, so it's tough to determine how functional the thing really is, or if it's got one of those nifty, rugged sapphire screen panels we've seen in action recently.

While there's no way to tell what materials were used, it seems to be a faithful replica of what we might expect in an iPhone design, along with the rumored larger size that will bring the iPhone 6 close to the handful of phones offered in the Samsung Galaxy S series.

But with the release of the actual iPhone still several weeks away, there's likely to be more leaks, meaning these early clones will quickly grow outdated and forgotten, creating a gang of the only thing more unsettling than sad clowns -- sad clones.

The iPhone 6 clone shown with a Samsung Galaxy S5.