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Readfeed brings online book clubs to Android

The app is one of the first to graduate from Google's Early Access open beta program.


A new app called Readfeed has officially launched on Google Play, and it's calling itself "the world's largest online book club".

"Readfeed was created to help book lovers around the world share and discuss their favorite reads with each other more easily," said founder Rajiev Timal in a guest post on Google's blog.

It's one of the first online book clubs for Android. There's a full social platform that lets you connect with other users who have read the same books as you, and with Readfeed, you can create virtual bookshelves, custom reading lists, track your progress and chat with other users.

More importantly, it's also one of the first apps to graduate from Google's Early Access program.

Early Access allows app developers to release Android apps in open beta for anyone to test out ahead of the official launch while the final kinks are ironed out. In return, the developers got useful feedback from people using the app out in the wild.

"Readfeed has come a long way since we first released the app as beta on Google Play's Early Access program. As one of the first graduates of the beta program, we were able to solicit feature requests, identify bugs, locate new and optimize existing target markets, as well as build a sizable reader community. This allowed Readfeed to deliver the best possible experience right out of the gate," said Timal.

The Play Store has other unreleased apps and in development games available for free testing now -- just open the Play Store and go to the Early Access section at the end of the main list.

Readfeed itself is an Android-first app, with an iOS version coming in future.