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Readers, start the iPhone rumor mill

Apple's going to deliver free upgrades to the iPhone and Apple TV over time. So what would people like to see?

So, what applications would you like to see on the iPhone or Apple TV?

A few of the applications already slated for the iPhone. Apple

Apple will develop new software applications and features for the products over time, and make those available for free, it said Tuesday during its earnings call. It's all related to some complicated accounting mumbo-jumbo that annoyed MacBook users back in January and February when they had to pay $1.99 to unlock a faster Wi-Fi chip they didn't even know they had.

By telling people the new stuff is coming up front--and by waiting to recognize a portion of the revenue from each sale--Apple avoids having to charge the fee and keeps those folks happy. It's not a lot of money, but it is sort of annoying.

But that's beside the point: Apple's going to give early adopters new applications for free as they are developed. What do you want in the iPhone or Apple TV? VoIP? Gaming software? Death rays? Post your wish list, and maybe we'll see them later this year.