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Reader response: Wal-Mart frustration

Our readers write on Wal-Mart frustration

Did you go shopping on Black Friday? Did you get shoved? Some readers went to Wal-Mart in search of $398 laptops and came away frustrated.

"After dealing with the crowds and the pushing at Mart to get the 300-400 dollars notebooks and laptop, those type of store deals I won't bother with next time. All that trouble and frustration and I left with nothing. Didn't give Wal-mart the satisfaction of saying 'might as well buy something while I'm here'. At least I did get out the store before the traffic built up with people leaving after checking out."--Daryl Snortberry

"They had some good deals to get people into the stores, and it works. But the stores need to learn to follow their own rules. Wal-mart had a great sounding laptop at a fantastic price, and the sale flyer said "limit one per customer" on said laptop.

"My sister needs a laptop for grad school, and was next in line with 4 of those sale laptops still on the shelf. However, the cashier ignored the sale rules and sold the entire remaining stock of all 4 units to the person in front of my sister.

"I like seeing good deals on decent stuff, and I hope they continue, but at least follow your own published rules."-- Bill Toner