Reader reaction to Quicken 98 Margin Notes item

Reader reaction to Quicken 98 Margin Notes item


Thanks for all your replies regarding the Margin Notes item on Quicken. Just for the record: most users agreed with the main assertions of the article. A minority view was that the problem was less serious than I assumed, and that other software would soon take Quicken's place.

Several readers suggested using SoftWindows or VirtualPC to run the Windows version of Quicken. However, even assuming that the emulation runs acceptably fast on your Mac, this is not likely to sit well with readers who complained that the current Mac version of Quicken was already too "Windows-like."

Dave Kupiec points out that there is a feature in Quicken 98 for Windows missing from Quicken 98 for the Mac: "the ability to directly download investment transactions from Etrade and a number of other online brokerages."

Finally, a few readers pointed out that, while MacInTax is still being upgraded by Intuit, you have to wonder whether it is next on the chopping block.

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