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Read the comics digitally, Luke

This is no Jedi mind trick. Digital Star Wars comic books published by Dark Horse Comics now will be available on your computer and portable devices, CNET has learned.

Star Wars comics can be bought and read through Dark Horse's Web site and their iOS app. An Android app is in the works. Dark Horse Comics

SAN DIEGO--Dark Horse Comics has been publishing new stories in the Star Wars galaxy for more than 20 years, and CNET has learned that today the company plans to announce that they will continue to do so on computers at digital.darkhorse.com and via their iOS app.

The comics will cost the same as other Dark Horse digital comics, with most priced at $1.99, some at $1.49, regular $0.99-per-comic sales, and several free issues, said Jeremy Atkins, Dark Horse's director of public relations. "This represents a game-changing moment in our digital program as we bring not only one of the most recognized Dark Horse properties, but one of the most recognized franchises in the world, to digital."

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While the comics are available through any browser at the above-linked Web site, the mobile app creates a more focused experience. One difference between the two is Dark Horse's Library feature, which lets readers save space in their local storage by moving purchased comics to the cloud. These comics can be read online only until they are returned to the locally stored Bookshelf.

More than 50 Star Wars comics are now available for purchase. These include Star Wars: Crimson Empire; Marvel's adaptation of Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope; The Clone Wars; Knights of the Old Republic; Legacy: War; Knight Errant; The Old Republic; Jedi: The Dark Side; and Darth Vader and the Lost Command. In an effort to attract new readers, issue one of both Knights of the Old Republic and the Clone Wars are free to download, while the first issues of Crimson Empire, Knight Errant, and The Old Republic retail for 99 cents.