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Re daughter, Obama worries about Facebook, not dating

In a chat with MTV, the president says Facebook is a bigger threat to his daughter Malia's privacy than is dating.

A date with dad: President Barack Obama and daughters Sasha (right) and Malia browse books in Washington, D.C., last November. Official White House Photo by Pete Souza

Facebook has been spending more time touting its privacy controls recently.

But here's the news: they're not good enough for the president.

In an interview with MTV on Friday (hey, we have to get those kids to vote somehow), the president explained that for his daughter Malia, Facebook was not a safe place to hang out.

As Yahoo News reports, the president was asked whether dating, driving, or social networking represented his biggest fear for his 14-year-old daughter.

He replied:

I'd worry about Facebook right now. I know the folks at Facebook -- obviously they've revolutionized, you know, the social networks. But Malia, because she's well known, I'm very keen on her protecting her privacy.

The president added that Malia doesn't even have a Facebook page, as that might compromise security.

His words echo those of the first lady, who last year was very firm that even if their dad wasn't the president, she wouldn't be happy with her kids wafting around Facebook's weird corridors.

You might imagine, though, that the dating thing might be a little awkward. But not so much, it seems.

"Dates -- that's fine, 'cause she's got Secret Service protection," said the president.

Yes, I suppose when you have a couple of large chaperones with earpieces and guns, boys might tend to behave.

Still, the president hopes that his daughters will date boys "who respect them and value them and understand their worth."

This would surely be another reason to avoid Facebook.

Though the site is one of the most popular places to find love these days, have you seen some of the people who hang out there?