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Digital Media

Rdio upgrades entire catalog to AAC and 320kbs streaming

The streaming service has converted all of its 30 million-strong catalog to AAC format, offering different quality bitrates up to 320kbps for users to choose from.


Want higher-quality streaming? Rdio has converted its entire music library to AAC format, offering up to 320kbps streaming across web, Android and iOS apps.

Previously, Rdio offered 96kbps MP3 streaming as default. Now, Rdio users can now choose between streaming bitrates of 64kbps, 96kbps and 192kbps in the settings menu, with 320kbps only available to Rdio Unlimited subscribers. An Unlimited subscription costs $9.99/£9.99/AU$11.99 per month.

Users can also choose different streaming quality settings on each device, useful for those who alternate between Wi-Fi and cellular connections. Also, users can choose the bitrate for tracks downloaded to a mobile device for offline listening.

AAC is generally more data efficient -- an advantage for mobile streaming -- and offers better sound quality than MP3 streaming at lower bitrates.

The shift to AAC streaming is effective immediately, simply log in to the web interface or update the iOS and Android app to access the new audio quality settings. It's also available to users globally. Rdio currently covers 60 countries across the globe.

Earlier this year, the company announced an initiative called Artists for Quality, in conjunction with Bob Weir from The Grateful Dead. Just recently, the streaming service unveiled a new design and a relaunch of its free tier.