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RCA's new Small Wonder camcorder now available for small price

The RCA Small Wonder camcorder is now available at Circuit City.

RCA Small Wonder EZ201
RCA Small Wonder EZ201

You might remember hearing about the RCA Small Wonder EZ201 just a few months ago at CES 2007. It's the follow-up to RCA's inexpensive, extremely simple digital camcorder, the Small Wonder EZ101. It's finally shipped--just in time for Mother's Day.

The $130 camcorder's predecessor fared poorly in our tests, scoring a disappointing 5.6. Thankfully, this new version makes several improvements over that version, including twice as much on-board memory (capable of recording 60 minutes of video compared to the EZ101's 30 minutes), an SD card memory slot, and a flip-out 1.5-inch LCD screen. It also quashes the irritating clicking noise the EZ101's buttons made, so it might indeed shape up to be a far better Mother's Day gift candidate than the previous model. If your mother is a technophobe who wants to shoot simple videos without much hassle or complication, this inexpensive little camcorder might be worth a shot. Keep an eye out for our review of the RCA Small Wonder EZ201 in the future.