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RCA now selling Roku TVs from $250

RCA is joining brands such as TCL and Insignia in offering its own line of budget Roku-powered TVs.


The 43-inch Roku RCA TV is available for $380


If you're buying a budget TV then a set with an integrated Roku interface makes a lot of sense -- especially in places where space is at a premium such as bedrooms and holiday homes. The latest brand to offer Roku-powered TVs is RCA, available from today with prices beginning at $250.

The line is HD-only (no 4K) with a 50-inch option at $499, a 43-inch model for $380 and a 768p 32-inch one at $250. All available models incorporate the Roku TV interface. According to the company the TVs are available now on Amazon and Walmart, as well as retailers such as BJs, ABC Appliances and Bi Mart. Walmart has a 50-inch Roku TV marked down from $499 to $339.

That markdown makes sense because other Roku TVs are really cheap too. Examples from Chinese brand TCL, for example, are available on Amazon. You'll pay $170 for the 32-inch model, $300 for the 40-inch or $350 for the 49-inch. 

Roku TVs have long been among CNET's best reviewed on the strength of their excellent Smart TV system, which offers a simple interface, thousands of apps and frequent updates.

The RCA Roku TVs include an over-the-air TV tuner input and a Live TV Pause feature, which gives it basic DVR-like functionality. You can control the TV with the Roku app for iOS and Android and use the app for private listening with a set of headphones.