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RC helicopter airlifts engagement ring in for proposal

Back in the olden days, guys just got down on one knee. Now, they need flying machines and aerial photography to get through a marriage proposal.

Copter with ring
Love from above. Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

I feel kind of sorry for any geek looking to propose to a partner these days. The bar keeps getting set higher and higher. We've had a 4-hour video game proposal, an elaborate "Harry Potter" Quidditch proposal, and a physics paper proposal. Now a romantic guy figured out how to have the engagement ring flown in for his proposal, adding a bit of "Air Wolf" excitement to the proceedings.

As do many successful proposals, Jason's proposal to Christina began with a ruse. He lured her to Alamo Square park in San Francisco under the pretense of doing a photo shoot. He got her to talk to the camera and share her wishes for the baby they'll be having together. All was perfectly normal until a strange whirring noise came from the sky.

Looking, up the couple saw a multirotor RC helicopter floating about in the sky, looking just a little bit ominous. It came down to land in the park and deliver its precious cargo, an engagement ring. No surprise, Christina said yes.

The unusual proposal took place with an assist from Chris Geiger Photography, a wedding photographer. Geiger used his own aerial photography helicopter (it looks like a DJI Innovations Flame Wheel) equipped with a GoPro Hero3 Black and an 808 keychain camera. Ground footage was shot with a Canon 5D Mark III.

The resulting YouTube video is both a sweet record of the proposal for the couple and a sweet bit of publicity for Geiger's services. How will the next guy top this proposal? You might want to see if SpaceX will loan out its Grasshopper rocket for a ring delivery.

(Via New Launches)