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RC 'Dragonfly' may be in the wings

WowWee reportedly developing its own flying insect


When we started seeing remote-controlled mini-helicopters and mosquito choppers buzz into the market, we kiddingly warned that a locust-like invasion must have been imminent. We're now sorry to say that the joke may be on us.

RoboCommunity is reporting that WowWee--maker of the hugely popular Robosapien--has submitted applications with the FCC for a remote-controlled "FlyTech Dragonfly." Quoting a user manual submitted to the agency, RoboCommunity says the device "has wings (like a dragonfly) and a tail rotor like on many helicopters, and is supposed to be 'crash-proof' due to what they term the 'high-flex' design. The wings are replaceable, it is rechargeable and there are 2 flying modes: beginner and expert." (Submitted photo shown here.)

Given WowWee's successful track record, we could be entering a whole new era of airborne annoyances. But we'll still take them over the flying alarm clocks.