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RBS will compensate those left 'out of pocket' by bank glitch

Natwest, RBS and Ulster Bank customers were unable to process payments thanks to a technical flaw with the system.

RBS, Natwest and Ulster Bank customers left 'out of pocket' by a recent technical glitch will be compensated, the banking group has said.

RBS Group yesterday experienced a bug that saw card transactions stop working, leaving shoppers red-faced at the checkout, or unable to complete online purchases, the BBC reports.

In a statement seen by CNET, the money monolith says, "The system issues that affected our customers last night have now been resolved and all our services are now back working normally."

"If anyone has been left out of pocket as a result of these system problems", the bank said, "We will put this right."

The outage may have left customers unable to pay bills on time, which may incur punishing late fees. If you've lost money as a result of the glitch, getting in touch with the bank is likely your best bet.

"If any customer is experiencing issues this morning, they should get in touch with our call centres or come into our branches, where our staff will be ready to help", the beleaguered bank said.

This isn't the first time that RBS has been let down by a technical error. A similar glitch struck the banking group last year, and similarly saw customers unable to access their online banking, or make crucial payments.

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