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Razr2 in pictures

Motorola's Razr2 V9m lands at Sprint. CNET's slide show gives you a gander at this new cell phone.

The Razr2 V9m Corrine Schulze/CNET Networks

Just when you think Motorola has milked everything it can out of the Razr line, here comes yet another version of the now-iconic phone. But instead of just a simple refresh, the Motorola Razr2 series is a complete redesign of the handsets. Believe us when we say we're as tired of the Razr as the next person, but Motorola has managed to pique our interest with this second-generation model. It's attractive, packed with features and for the most part it's a good performer as well. While the original Razr was a Cingular exclusive for the first six months of its life, Moto spread the carrier love this time around. The Razr2 is coming to almost all the major carriers at the same time; so far we've reviewed the CDMA V9m models for Sprint and Verizon Wireless and the GSM V9 for AT&T. After giving each phone a full shake down we can report that the AT&T and Sprint models are the best so far but that could change once we get our hands on the Alltel version. And for your viewing pleasure check out our Sprint V9m and Verizon V9m slide shows.