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Razer’s new Wolverine controller wants to tear up your PC and Xbox One

This highly customizable console and PC gamepad has interchangeable thumbsticks and d-pads.


Besides Microsoft's official Xbox controllers, both the standard and the more expensive Elite models, gamers can also get compatible controllers from a variety of third-party manufacturers. Most of those are pretty bare-bones, but PC gaming brand Razer has a new model it calls "the most customizable controller for Xbox One."

The Razer Wolverine Ultimate works, as most Xbox gamepads do, on both Xbox One consoles and Windows PCs. But unlike most, it includes two interchangeable d-pads, several swappable thumbsticks with different heights, remappable triggers and buttons, and a lighting strip that can be controlled via Razer's custom software. Razer's Chroma software, also used on Razer laptops and mice, allows 16.8 million color options.

Many of these features can also be found on Microsoft's high-end Elite controller, although the customizable lighting here is unique. The Razer Wolverine Ultimate will be available for $159 (approximately £125 or AU$200) in September. 

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