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Razer urgently seeking testers for new mystery products

An online job ad from gaming-peripherals firm Razer seeks 30 testers for the company's products. What could they be?

Screenshot by Aloysius Low/CNET Asia

Gaming-peripherals company Razer, has, through an agency, posted an online ad seeking 30 temporary testers for gaming products at its Singapore office. The job description has the word "urgent" in the headline, and while it's intentionally vague, the ad does mention the testing of a keyboard, mouse, and microphone.

This could mean we'll be seeing a new line of accessories from Razer. The company recently announced its new Blade laptops, so it's unlikely to be introducing a new one so soon.

Contacted by CNET, a Razer spokesperson said the company was always looking to hire testers for its products. He did not confirm whether a new product range was in the pipeline.

So if you have some free time to spare before September and want to be paid to somewhat play games with Razer's accessories, pop by the ad to give it a shot. And feel free to send us some pictures of the new stuff (OK, we're kidding on the last part -- sort of).

(Source: Crave Asia)