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Razer sends PC peripheral settings to the cloud

PC game peripheral maker Razer announces cloud-based service for moving input device settings between PCs.

If you only use one computer for PC gaming, you won't care too much about Razer's new cloud-based game device settings service, Synapse 2.0. For those who bounce around PCs, LAN center customers, tournament gamers, or even those who use both a desktop and a laptop for gaming, Razer's new service could make your life easier.

The idea behind Synapse 2.0, currently in beta with a scheduled launch by end of 2011, is that it lets you store your Razer peripheral settings remotely, and then sync them easily when you move between computers. That way you only need to bring your mouse and keyboard with you when you travel, and you also save time by letting Synapse 2.0 rebind all of your custom input settings via a simple log-in and sync process. Such a service might not seem entirely necessary to casual players, but dedicated gamers who rely on complex series of macro commands would gladly welcome the ability to automate the process of setting them up.

According to Razer, Synapse 2.0 will also support device driver and firmware downloads, and also sync game-add ons, which should help those who play games like World of Warcraft that support user-made UI modifications. Its Web site also says Synapse 2.0 will work with all "next generation" Razer input devices, and at least some legacy products, citing the multibutton Razer Naga as an example.