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Razer Lachesis gaming mouse brings 4000 dpi laser, new buttons

New Razer Lechesis gaming mouse.

Razer's forthcoming Lachesis gaming mouse finally addresses our chief complaint with its DeathAdder and other gaming mice: no easy-access buttons for switching dpi settings on the fly. Logitech's G5 Laser mouse has them, Microsoft's new SideWinder will have them, and now the Lachesis gets them when it hits in October for the seemingly standard price of $80 (and you can pre-order now).

Razer's Lachesis gets on-the-fly dpi buttons, just under the scroll wheel. Razer

Otherwise, the Lachesis seems to be simply a revamped DeathAdder. The only other major change is its higher-end laser sensor, which gives you a 4000 dpi ceiling, and thus a greater range of sensitivity settings. No other mouse on the market goes that high, although we'll admit we find even 2,000 dpi more than fast enough. What the new Razer mouse doesn't have is a weight kit. If you have a soft enough touch to get excited about the 4,000 dpi sensor, you might miss the weights. Unless the Lachesis is unusually light, we probably won't.