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Razer Edge takes PC gaming to new level

The hybrid PC gaming tablet could transform the industry, Google starts a same-day online shopping service, and the Tamagotchi finds a new life on iOS.

CNET Update levels up:

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The Razer Edge isn't your typical tablet. This Windows 8 PC gaming tablet is a unique hybrid device thanks to its various accessories. But for a high price, not every feature is high-end. Get a taste in the video above, or dive into the full review here.

Also in the tech news roundup:

- Google Maps updates with live transit data in NYC, D.C. and Salt Lake City.

- The Google Play Movies and TV app on Android shows actor info from videos you're watching. (Amazon is doing the same with its X-Ray feature.)

- Google tests same-day delivery service for online shopping. San Francisco residents can test it for free for six months.

- The Tamagotchi is reborn on iOS in the Tamagotchi L.i.f.e. app. The app was first released on Android in February and has more than 600,000 downloads.

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