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Rawr! 'Cutezilla' trailer features a new kind of monster

Move over Godzilla, you've got competition from adorable giant-size animals in an entertaining trailer made from stock footage.

Cutezilla bunny
"That rabbit's got a vicious streak a mile wide!" Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

Movie trailers usually are preceded by the actual filming of a whole movie. That's not the case with the trailer for "Cutezilla," a film that will unfortunately probably never exist. The trailer was compiled using stock footage clips from Dissolve, a site full of HD videos for use by filmmakers and marketers.

The trailer is pretty much a minute-long advertisement for Dissolve's wares, but it goes about the task with a lot of aplomb. Tense music and whomping sound effects play off the tropes we usually hear in trailers for blockbuster movies like "Godzilla" and "Pacific Rim." There are fighter jets, a sweaty military guy, and ominous shadows falling across the land.

The monsters in "Cutezilla," however, aren't scaly things (OK, one of them is scaly) that rise from the ocean or breathe fire (OK, one of them breathes fire). They're creatures that make you go "aww." These kaiju are cuddly puppies, fluffy kittens, baby pigs, and bunnies that have grown to massive proportions and are now threatening to crush humanity under the weight of their adorable redonkulousness.

"Cutezilla" comes with an entertaining catchphrase: "When a scientist's 'pet project' goes horribly wrong, it's humankind's turn to beg!" That alone should be reason enough for the SyFy channel to turn this into a real TV movie. I'd take giant lab-created kittens over flying sharks any day.