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Rather die than go through airport security? Corpse prop feels your pain

Rotting corpse prop from "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" movie rolls his way through TSA metal detector in Atlanta.


The Transportation Security Administration posted this photo to Instagram on Sunday.

Do airport security lines make you feel like one of the walking dead? You're not alone.

A Cryptkeeper-looking fellow took a flight out of Atlanta on Sunday, because even after you die, there's no escaping a flight through the world's busiest airport.

The US Transportation Security Administration posted a collage of photos of the freaky pre-flight check to Instagram with the caption, "Talk about deadheading... This crusty ol' chap is actually a prop from the#TexasChainsawMassacre movie. He was brought through a checkpoint at the Atlanta (#ATL) International Airport, where as you can see, he was screened and sent on his jolly way."

No word on where this moldy oldie was going, but you can probably assume he was a wonderfully quiet passenger who probably napped the whole way. After all, he was dead tired.