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Rat Cafe to serve up rattuccinos with friendly rodents

Step aside, cat cafes. The San Francisco Dungeon will offer coffee with a side of rodent companionship.

Hang out with this little Ratter McRattersons.

The San Francisco Dungeon

Cat cafes are an adorable worldwide trend that let people chill out with cute, often adoptable felines and have some coffee and a snack. There is even an owl cafe in Japan. The San Francisco Dungeon, a California tourist attraction, decided to open a pop-up themed cafe with animals that are a little more divisive: rats.

So far, the Rat Cafe pop-up experience is set for July 1 and July 8, with tickets starting at $49.99 (£39, AU$67). The price includes entry to the San Francisco Dungeon's immersive theme-park-style history exhibits. It also covers all-you-can-drink coffee, just in case you need to make yourself a little more jumpy around a mischief of rats.

A chalkboard menu in a promotional photo mentions these punny items: rattuccino, ratte, car-rat cake and ratatouille on special. The Dungeon specifies that your furry companions will be "friendly."

In case you're waffling about having brunch with rodents, the Humane Society of the United States says that pet rats are "highly intelligent and social animals who clean themselves regularly and thrive on regular interaction." That sounds better than a lot of humans you might have coffee with.

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