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Software offers music for 99p per month, without ads

A new music streaming site is looking to challenge Spotify by offering tunes for just 99p per month, without adverts.

New music site is taking aim at Spotify and Google Music with an introductory offer of streaming tunes for just 99p a month without any adverts.

It's only a three-month deal, but there seems plenty to like about already. There are no adverts to endure for a start (though there's no free option either), and it gives you playlists based on mood -- just click a station depending on how you're feeling, and enjoy. Or not, if you're down in the dumps.

It'll also feature selected artists curating the site, letting them share their favourite tracks, like a guest editor spot. Imogen Heap is first up.

The site claims 70 per cent of people who use a smart phone or computer are yet to use streaming or download services, and they're its target customers. With heated competition from iTunes and Spotify, it'll certainly have its work cut out.

But chairman Rob Lewis said it wasn't going to challenge Spotify and iTunes, describing them as looking like "spreadsheets".

"Unlike the CD, seven years after the formation of iTunes the vast majority of consumers are not adopting digital," Lewis told the BBC. "The simple goal behind this service is not to compete with all the existing digital players, but to roll out to all the major territories in the world a digital music service that's designed for the mass market of people who are either not technically literate, or like music but don't know a huge amount about it."

Sounds a bit like those Now That's What I Call Music compilations to us. There's also a app for iOS and Android, which allows offline listening.

Music to a technophile's ears? Or an almighty din? Check out the site's introductory video and let us know what you think below or over on our Facebook page.