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Raptors strike in this fan-made Lego 'Jurassic World' short

The Brotherhood Workshop releases a "Jurassic World" short showing Lego raptors unenthusiastic about a new mission from Owen Grady.

The YouTube filmmakers known as Brotherhood Workshop are out with another animated Lego short, and this one takes us to Isla Nublar and "Jurassic World."

In the clip, published Tuesday, Lego Owen Grady seeks the help of his trusted raptor squad to track down an escaped dinosaur that's even bigger and deadlier than the T-Rex. After a flashback reminds them how deadly the T-Rex is, the raptor crew is none too thrilled about chasing down and trying to catch something even more menacing, and appropriately turn and run the other way faster than you can say "nope nope nope." Things take a turn for the worse for Grady after he tries to lure the raptors back to help.

Watch the chaos unfold in the clip above, then get ready to watch "Jurassic World" when it lands in theaters on June 11 in the UK and Australia, and June 12 in the US.