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Video of rapper booted from Uber ride for smoking weed lights up internet

Rapper Unc Imo, 60, is very open about the fact that he smokes a certain medicine for his bad knee, but not everyone appreciates the contact high. Warning: expletives aplenty ahead.

Terry Brown, a self-described "60-year-old rapper with a bad knee," had a recent Uber ride unceremoniously cut short when he lit up what he claimed was his medical marijuana in the back seat.

Brown, aka " Unc Imo," captured the whole (expletive-laden, definitely NSFW) episode in the video below as he filmed one of the video updates he frequently posts to Instagram, which usually involve him blazing it.

In the video, Brown asks the driver for permission to smoke, which the driver grants. But the driver then quickly kicks Brown to the curb when it becomes clear Unc Imo is smoking something other than tobacco.

Given the fact that much of Unc Imo's persona has to do with his love for ladies, and Mary Jane in particular, it's entirely possible the video was a stunt intended to go viral. Brown's social-media presence promotes the electronic smoking device he appears to be using in the video, but he does seem to be earnestly surprised and annoyed at being booted from his ride.

I should point out that there is no way to verify that the video was actually filmed in a real Uber or in a state where medical marijuana is legal. Nonetheless, I called Uber to ask about its policy regarding smoking and medical marijuana. A spokesperson directed me to the company's community guidelines and said Uber drivers can essentially end a ride at their discretion at any time.

Herb, a pot news site and online community, shared the video on Facebook and quickly garnered over 900,000 views in almost five hours. Given the source it's unsurprising that most commenters tout the virtues of medical marijuana, even in a ride share.

If nothing else, Brown deserves a little credit for doing the responsible thing and not driving and toking himself, although the Uber driver clearly didn't think a contact high was a good idea for his business.

First published September 19, 11:49 a.m. PT.
Update, 12:25 p.m.: Adds comment from Uber.