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Ranking the X-Men of 'Apocalypse' from X to worst

With so many mutants battling it out in the new movie, we count down which friends and foes outshine the rest. (Spoilers!)

"X-Men: Apocalypse" stars a host of mutants old and new -- and in some cases, new versions of old faces. As the dust settles, we've ranked which mutants had the X-factor and which need to go back to (Xavier's) school.

We've charted the X-characters on various criteria (which includes some spoilers) by asking questions like: do they use their powers in a cool way; do they have any badass moments; do they land any good jokes; and most importantly, how do they look in their 1980s duds?

We also considered the performances from the actors and how the film treated the characters. We love Oscar Isaac and assume the actor gave a great performance, but it was hard to tell when it was buried under several layers of latex. And with so many people in the film, several characters were unfairly neglected.

Enough talk! Click through the gallery to see the best and worst mutants of "X-Men: Apocalypse":

Sadly, we didn't have room for creepy Caliban, the unfortunate Blob in the cage fight or Magneto's animal-chatting daughter. There wasn't room either for the Xavier School students from the Quicksilver sequence -- sorry, Foyer Student, Fish Bowl Girl, Kissing Girl and Kissing Guy.

Of course, this is just our ranking. Who was your favourite mutant? Tell us in the comments!

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