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Ranking our favorite 'Star Wars' films for the digital HD release (Tomorrow Daily 157)

On today's show, Ashley and Khail discuss the Large Hadron Collider's new upgrades, rank their favorite "Star Wars" films from top to bottom, and introduce you to fully autonomous delivery drone Matternet ONE.

If you're here, you probably love nerdy stuff. Which means you're probably going to hunt us down and kill us when you hear our personal, definitive rankings of the first six "Star Wars" movies. Khail's no. 1 pick and Ashley's no. 3 choice will probably cause a disturbance in the Force so great that you're going to feel it in your chest like deep bass at a concert.

We're also talking about the LHC's refurb, and why that's important for physicists and their experiments there. Oh, and Matternet made an autonomous drone that doesn't even require a pilot, and they think it might be the future of medical deliveries in rural villages around the globe.

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157: Ranking our favorite 'Star Wars' films for the digital HD release

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