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Rank the baddest 'Terminator' villains

Popular Mechanics runs a photo gallery and encyclopedic article on all the Terminator models.

Popular Mechanics has compiled a lovingly researched gallery of all the Terminator models, from the original Schwarzenegger model to the present-day, and even speculating into the future of the television and film series. Carefully cataloged according to model number, chronological sequence, nanoscale composition, special skills, and fighting techniques, as well as fairly sophisticated cross-references to historical works of science fiction, this might go down as the definitive listing.

Ah, it all makes me nostalgic...not.

As much as I loved the first two movies back in the day, as much as I played the video game, I just can't get excited about the new Terminator series on TV. It's because my beliefs about the future are so deeply inhabited by Battlestar Galactica's Starbuck, Adama, and No. 6 that the Sarah Connor scenario seems fiction.

But for those of you who remain true to the cause, which one would win in a fight? Check out the exhaustively researched photos at Popular Mechanics and see if they stack up against your picks: The toughest, smartest, best Terminators of all time