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Range hoods offer mood lighting for all tastes

Futuro Futuro from Italy offer new range hoods with their Murano Collection. Contemporary designs for the most part sleek and elegant, but with a couple of twists.

Murano Collection: Round - 'Glow.' Futuro Futuro

Italian manufacturer Futuro Futuro has expanded upon their recently introduced Aqualina model line with the Murano Collection of kitchen range hoods. They are available for mounting from either the wall or the ceiling, so the company has you covered wherever your range may happen to be situated. Sleek and elegant, both square and round versions are available to complement your current kitchen.

Practicality aside, Futuro Futuro may have gone over the top with the design. The New York and Zebra versions might seem fit only for bad '80s sitcoms or maybe Steve Martin's mansion in The Jerk, but luckily, other more sensible choices do exist. Specifically, the subtle designs of "Snow," "Glow," or "Frost" appeal to an inner elegance and more mature sensibility. No matter your design preference, all the range hoods come with removable panels and dimmable lighting. So when your mood lighting from Moonlighting wears thin, you can switch out panels for a more appropriate effect. However, if a stylized New York skyline is your thing, you'll be set.

Beyond the elegant lines, practical aspects and questionable glass etchings, these fully functional range hoods feature a powerful tangential blower motor and a patented sound-absorbing chamber. If you don't have a readily available duct, a chimney extension and recirculation kit is available for ductless venting. While the design may be at once contemporary and confusing, there does seem to be a model to satisfy any aesthetic. Even Zebra.