RAM Doubler updated to 8.0.1

RAM Doubler updated to 8.0.1


Connectix has released RAM Doubler 8.0.1. It has several bug fixes, including: Launching of applications on PowerMacs with large amounts of memory is now much faster.

Possible bugs already reported:

After installing 8.0.1, Gann Matsuda found that Netscape Communicator 4.05 crashed with a Type 10 error on his G3 Mac. Disabling 8.0.1 or reverting to 8.0 eliminated the problem.

Adam Vadala writes: "I updated to RAM Doubler 8.0.1, and immediately my Word 98 froze upon start-up, just like it did prior to the RD v2.0.3 public beta release. This happened on not only my new G3, but also an older Performa 6300. Reverting back to v8.0 fixed the problem."

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