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Fore! Rakuten drones deliver snacks to the golf course

The Sora Raku drone delivery service launches next month in Japan, and brings snacks or extra balls directly to hungry golfers.

Nobody with a beating human heart wants to see golfers suffering through 18 holes without a snack -- and drones are coming to the rescue.

Japanese delivery company Rakuten will shortly be launching the Sora Raku drone delivery service to bring extra balls, equipment or snacks to golfers who are halfway through a round. Due to launch on May 9, a one-month trial will see the Camel Golf Resort in Japan's Chiba prefecture become drone-enabled.

In a new video illustrating the service (embedded above), it's explained that golfers will use an Android app to order drone deliveries to specific pick-up points around the course. Rakuten said its Tenku drones are designed to be very visible and offer "highly stable flight performance, even in strong winds."

We've asked Rakuten whether it has plans to extend the service to areas outside of golf or to bring the service to other countries, and we'll update the story if we hear back.