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Raise your Prius gaming score

In this era of sharp political and religious divides, we can surely agree on one thing. Constantly watching the mileage measurements on the Prius's little video screen is really a mobilized video game. It's NOT simply driving a car.

How long can I coast and keep the mileage at "99.9?" If I use engine-braking down this slope, how much can I re-charge the battery? I did 48.9 MPG the last time I drove to Oregon, can I beat it this time?

Admittedly this is a bit of a cerebral game. No droids or monsters. No explosions or body count. And I have the advantage of living in San Francisco with its extreme topography. Perhaps this game would a little less exciting if I were in a flat place like Ottumwa. But it would be even more subtle and challenging. Prius is surely the most expensive, biggest gaming machine far.

How to get even more mileage out of that slope? What's the best acceleration or braking? Driving a Prius regularly makes you very conscious of your "score" or mileage. For Prius gamers there's a website that aggregates the wisdom of the crowd. It can help your score.