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RageGage redirects your road rage

The next time someone cuts you off in traffic, tuck in your middle finger and reach for the RageGage smash pad. This gadget takes a beating so you don't have to drive like a jerk.

RageGage Smash Pad
Channel your road rage onto the RageGage. RageGage

Road ragers have traditionally had several options. They can flip off the other driver, drive aggressively in return, or grit their teeth and bear it. Now they can add smashing the living daylights out of a gadget to the list.

The $19.99 RageGage smash pad looks like a mutant hockey puck with a squishy center. Turn up the volume on the device and wail away with your fist until you feel better. Think of it as a high-tech version of a stress ball.

The RageGage isn't a comforting companion. It will hurl insults at you if you fail to pound it hard enough. It might call you a wuss or question your manhood. I'm not sure how that's supposed to help you calm down, but it does encourage you to let it all out.

Why stop at having a RageGage in your vehicle? Carry it with you in your laptop bag. Put it on your desk for post-business meeting relief. Stash in it your pocket for your visit with the in-laws.

The RageGage plugs into a computer via USB and can be used as a game controller for games that require smashing things. Games matching that description are downloadable from the RageGage site.

New sounds and celebrity impersonator voices are available to customize your RageGage and you can share your anger with your buddies on Facebook.

The next time someone cuts you off in traffic, put away your middle finger. Keep your foot off the accelerator. Don't roll down your window and scream. Just take it all out on the RageGage.