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Rage 2 Easter egg pokes fun at Elon Musk

There's no mention of his social media antics.

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Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk is restyled as "Elton Tusk" in the game Rage 2.

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Rage 2 is out for PCs and consoles, and players are already discovering secrets in the game, including an Elon Musk Easter egg.

The game takes place in a postapocalyptic setting, where an asteroid strike has created a wasteland filled with mutants. Located in a mountain is a secret bunker owned by Elton Tusk, the eccentric billionaire, science mogul and CEO of Tusk Industries. Throughout the bunker are datapads giving insight on Tusk, who cares excessively about space travel and tiny robots called Nanotrites.

Players exploring the bunker will hear Tusk's voice as he talks about how he's all-powerful and berates them for having a "tiny mind." He even has attack robots, which, luckily, fall and break once activated. Eventually players encounter Tusk himself, who's revealed to be a "pickled brain" connected to the bunker's computer system.  

The bunker is a humorous poke at Musk and his antics, though it doesn't include any direct references to his behavior on media, such as sending wayward tweets or taking a puff of a fatty. Players interested in finding the secret area and scooping up some loot can follow the map at PCGamer.

Gem developers Avalanche Studios and Bethesda didn't immediately respond to requests for comment.