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Radius turns a profit

The former Mac clone maker posted a $4.7 million profit, though net sales were down.

Former Mac clone maker Radius turned a quarterly profit of $4.7 million, although net sales were less than 25 percent of levels a year ago.

The earnings translate to 26 cents per share for the third quarter ending June 30, up from losses of $3.1 million, or 21 cents per share, recorded in the third fiscal quarter of 1995.

The recent drop in sales was surpassed only by the decrease in operating expenses after the company sold off its Macintosh clone business to Umax and spun off a color printer division called Splash in the previous quarter. Radius shares were down 3/8 of point at $2 in midday trading.

Radius still receives royalties from every SuperMac clone that Umax sells and every Splash printer sold.

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