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Radius Atomic Strap earbuds for third-generation iPod Nano

The Radius Atomic Strap Earbuds are a solid option for 3G iPod Nano owners who like lots of bass and don't want to break the bank to get it.


Colorful earbuds have become increasingly popular with headphone manufacturers, possibly because of consumer demand for something a bit more stylish than plain white or black. It's no wonder: Earphones are basically accessories that serve to pipe music to your ears, so they might as well be fashionable. Radius is one company that has popped up with an impressive array of color-coordinated headphones. One model, the Atomic Strap, even attaches to the bottom of your third-generation iPod Nano and lets you sport it around your neck. At $40, these 'phones are quite a value for bass-loving Nano owners. Read the full review.