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RadioShack to sell Jamdat ring tones, games

Retailer hopes to cash in on growing popularity of wireless content. So, of course, does Jamdat Mobile.

Los Angeles-based Jamdat Mobile has hooked up with retailer RadioShack to distribute its wireless content.

At RadioShack stores, consumers will be able to browse Jamdat content such as games and ring tones before purchasing them for download, Jamdat said Friday. The distribution program is scheduled to begin in the first half of this year.

"This channel of distribution is very strategic for Jamdat," Jamdat CEO Mitch Lasky said in a statement. "It enhances our retail presence while supporting a goal we share with all our wireless carrier partners--to sell incremental services to satisfied wireless consumers."

Demand for wireless-content offerings--including ring tones, games, screensavers and wallpaper--is on an upswing. Mobile games such as Jamdat's "Tony Hawk's Underground" are expected to bring in revenue worth $1.8 billion to cell phone companies by 2009 in the United States, according to market researcher In-Stat/MDR. Nearly 78.6 million people are expected to be playing mobile games by then.