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Radio Shack employee charged with punching customer

A Radio Shack employee in Wisconsin got into an altercation with a customer who was trying to return a product. He faces battery charges--and not the kind Radio Shack sells.

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It got ugly in Eau Claire the other day. That's Eau Claire, Wis., where a Radio Shack employee is facing disorderly conduct and battery charges for allegedly punching a customer.

What happened? Well, according to the AP wire report, a customer was trying to return an item Sunday. But the employee said no. The customer then requested to speak to a manager. "That's when the 52-year-old male employee began punching the man," the AP says. A "bystander" then called 911.

I don't know what the guy's defense will be when he heads to court on May 19, but it's too bad "preemptive strike" won't fly because let's face it, who hasn't walked into Radio Shack--or some other electronics store--and thought it might come to blows? I've had some rough experiences as a customer, but I've also watched customer service reps trying to deal with really obnoxious, unsavory characters. So I'm not passing judgment either way here.

Question: Anybody have or witness a particularly ugly customer service experience in an electronics store--as an employee or customer? Let's hear about it.