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Rackspace suffers outage

The Dallas data center of the Web hosting company is having issues, and many sites offline. Details of the outage are still scanty.

Web hosting company Rackspace is experiencing an outage today. According to Rackspace's Twitter account, the company is, "having an issue that is affecting part of our DFW data center. No details yet. Will update as we get more information."

We are in touch with the company and will report more as information comes in.

Whatever has affected the Rackspace DFW facility has also hit its phone lines, a spokesperson tells us.

At 2:06 p.m. Pacific Time, Rackspace reported via Twitter, "All power is restored to the DFW data center - all devices affected are starting to come on-line. Details to follow." The site is back up.

Rackspace-hosted sites like Eventbrite are coming back up.