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RackSaver acquires company, renames

Blade server company RackSaver acquires a software developer, renames the combined firm Verari Systems and brings in a former Sun executive to take on management duties.

Blade server company RackSaver has acquired a software developer, renamed the combined firm Verari Systems and brought in a former Sun Microsystems executive to take on management duties.

The new company, Verari, said Monday it had acquired MPI Software Technology and added former Sun employee Masood Jabbar to its board of directors. Verari has 260 employees.

Jabbar will have management duties similar to those of a president and will draw a salary but will not have the president title. He will be an "active director" and will report to Verari CEO David Driggers.

"Masood's role going forward is to develop the company and help build (sales) channels similar to what he did at Sun years ago," said Driggers.

Driggers added that Jabbar serves as a director on the boards of other companies and so can't be full time with Verari. Jabbar officially retired from Sun in late 2003.

The MPI buy adds software for blade servers to the mix.

"Before we had to leverage software with partners to offer a complete commercial package, now we can offer the whole package to customers," said Driggers.

Verari also said it was granted two patents for thermal management technology, called Vertical Cooling System, by the U.S. patent office. Under the patents, blade servers are cooled from the bottom to the top instead of front to back, which, when combined with management software, can lower the cost of maintaining the servers, according to the company.