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Racists claim Firefox as the "choice of white folks everywhere"

Just when I thought all of these stupid people were gone....

Wow. Just when you thought open source was on your side, you find out that imbecilic white supremacists have claimed it as their own:

Somebody told me about Firefox a year ago, and after downloading it in five minutes, I've never gone back to the horrid experience of using Internet Explorer 6. About 80% of White folks are suffering needlessly right now slogging inside of Internet Explorer 6, a piece of typical Microsoft "bloatware". A free and open Internet is GOOD FOR WHITE FOLKS. Steve Ballmer's Microbloat Corp. is dedicated to creating a controlled and closed Internet. An Internet that could be easily controlled by the enemies of White survival, just as all other forms of mass media have been controlled by the enemies of White survival. Firefox is a free and open browser...the opposite of Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

No, I'm not making this up. This guy makes "closed and controlled" sound appealing, if it means I won't have to stumble across his forum posts anymore. It's too bad that Firefox doesn't come with an anti-bozo feature.

Via Digg.