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Racers complete London-Mongolia race in 27 days

Despite harsh terrain, mechanical problems and corrupt border police, participants in the Mongol Rally are getting through.

So far, 15 teams have completed the 8,000 plus mile drive from attempt to drive from London to Ulaanbaatur The first cars limped into Ulaanbaatur on August 17.

The trick in the race is that the two driver teams must drive cheap economy cars.

"You can only use a car with an engine of less than 1 liter that is generally considered to be crap. Motorbikes are limited to under 125cc, ideally scooters," states the first rule on the organizer's Web site. "Exceptions will be made for vehicles of notable unusualness with high comedy value."

Thirteen teams have dropped out but 132 remain on the road, scattered all over Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Russia.

Participants are raising money for charity.