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R2-D2 suitcase: May the Force be with your carry-on

R2-D2 expands his job description by hauling your gear on your next trip.

Robot Trolley suitcase
This is the droid suitcase you didn't know you were looking for. Salvador Bachiller

You can get the C-3PO experience without the shiny gold body carapace and stiff joints if you pick up an R2-D2 rolling suitcase from Salvador Bachiller.

The suitcase is actually called the AZ-2028 Robot Trolley 60, leaving me to wonder if George Lucas' lawyers are about to earn their retainers again. If you want to hurry up and get your order in, the suitcase will cost you $120.

The rigid case comes with a combination lock, extendable handle, and four polycarbonate wheels. Unfortunately, it doesn't project holograms or make cool beep and boop noises.

For some reason, the lining looks like a bunch of crossed bones. Maybe that's a statement about the body count over the course of the "Star Wars" movies. Maybe the designer just thought it would look cool.

The real selling point is having your own little droid following your every footstep. Making your "Star Wars" nerd friends jealous is a bonus.

Inside the Robot Trolley suitcase
R2-D2 has bones inside! Salvador Bachiller

(Via Fashionably Geek)