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Tech Industry

QXL, Yahoo team up on Scandinavian auctions

European online auction company QXL Ricardo and Yahoo will launch co-branded auction sites in Sweden, Norway and Denmark under an agreement announced Thursday. The companies expect to launch the sites this quarter, said Yahoo spokeswoman Sue Jackson. QXL and Yahoo will share revenue generated from advertising sold on the sites, but the companies did not disclose other financial details of the deal.

In June, Yahoo shuttered five of its European auction sites, choosing to promote eBay's rival sites instead as part of a deal signed between the companies. The new Denmark site will replace the auction site Yahoo currently operates in the country, the only auction site it has remaining in Europe, Jackson said. Yahoo's Danish auction users will have to register for the new site, she said. However, unlike the situation with Yahoo's five former European sites, Yahoo's Danish auction users will be able to transfer the feedback ratings they've accumulated on Yahoo to the replacement site, Jackson said.