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Qwest to offer wireless broadband service

It will use Sprint's 3G network to offer nationwide wireless broadband service to its customers.

Qwest Wireless customers will soon be able to wirelessly surf the Net at 3G speeds on their laptops.

The company says it will offer its customers wireless broadband service using Sprint Nextel's evolution data optimized (EVDO) network. Qwest has been using the Sprint wireless network to provide nationwide coverage for its cellular subscribers since 2003. Now the carrier will be able to offer nationwide broadband wireless too.

Qwest Mobile Broadband customers can choose one of three plans based on the amount of data they will be uploading or downloading. Service plans start at $70 a month. The unlimited plan costs $80, but according to Qwest?s terms and conditions the service is capped at 5 gigabytes of data transmission per month. So it's not really unlimited.