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"MacFixIt / Sad Macs" secret word contest starts today

"MacFixIt / Sad Macs" secret word contest starts today

Events may have dampened my enthusiasm a bit - but the promised "web site anniversary and third edition of Sad Macs" contest still arrives today. Here's the deal: The path to a secret word is now somewhere on this web site. I have tried not to make it too hard nor too easy to find. In any event, the first person to find it and email me the correct word wins a free copy of Sad Macs. One other winner will be randomly selected from everyone else who finds the word within 24 hours of the first correct answer. Let the game begin.

Update: The secret word has been found and the person who found it first has been notified. You can still try to be the randomly selected winner - until noon Tuesday (EST) when the contest closes. The winners and solution will be announced Wednesday.

Speaking of the third edition of Sad Macs: to all those that ordered a copy of the book directly from me (as described on the Sad Macs 3 page), I expect to start mailing out copies later this week.